It is no surprise that when you are involved in a car crash your back in some way or form is going to feel the impacts in a negative way. While there are several different ways that paralysis can come into your life, our firm's San Diego spinal cord injury laywers want to inform you that the biggest cause of paralysis and spinal cord injuries worldwide is auto accidents, especially ones where a person is rear-ended and an injury to the back is sustained.The problem is that no one ever really knows when a car accident is going to happen and how the outcome will be after it has already occurred. During an automobile accident, there are numerous ways that things can go wrong and you can end up paralyzed.The most common type of car accident scenarios that lead to paralysis are:
  • Vehicle rollovers
  • Roofs collapsing
  • Seatbelt failures
  • Seatback collapses
  • Power windows
  • Suspension defects
  • Tire tread separation

Car Accident And Spinal Cord Injury Statistics

Automobile accidents are the number one cause of paralysis for injured persons under 65 years of age. Every year, 11,000 spinal cord injuries are caused by car accidents, 250,000 people experience some form of paralysis, and of those paralyzed, 47% of cases result in quadriplegia.Current studies have come to the prediction that your average lifespan of someone over 25 after an accident has left you paralyzed is 15.6. Of course, there are instances where people have lived a number of years longer than that, sometimes close to three decades after their spinal cord injury initially happened.No one should have to feel alone or abandoned after going through such a traumatic experience as becoming paralyzed. There are ways to ease the pain and suffering so that you can get your life back on track and keep moving closer to your personal goals. If you are left paralyzed after an auto accident you didnt cause, then maybe you should consider consulting with aspinal cord injury lawyerin San Diego.

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