In Florida, one man’s struggle towards a fair settlement in his personal injury lawsuit has come to a victorious end.

A former gymnastics coach was awarded $25.5 million for the spinal cord injury he suffered at Atlantic Boulevard gym.  The paralysis injury left him with a variety of paralysis known as a quadriplegia.

Our firm’s paralysis lawyers are happy to see justice being done and those who are living with paralysis getting a fair settlement for their pain and suffering, not to mention emotional trauma.

The cause of this man’s paralysis back in 2000 was due to a slip and fall off a piece of tumbling equipment, which caused a spinal cord injury (SCI) and no longer allows him the use of his motor functions.  When he fell, he broke several of his cervical discs, located around the top portion of his spinal cord.  This is similar to breaking a telephone pole—once it is damaged, the signals to the rest of the body are lost.

A jury found North Florida Gymnastics and Cheerleading completely responsible for not properly supervising him on the equipment.  Most of the money from the lawsuit will go to help pay his medical bills and help with his cost of living.

Our paralysis lawyers know the struggle that comes with adjusting to your new life with paralysis, but it is the cases such as this one that should give you hope for justice when a spinal cord injury occurs and it is not your fault.  If you or a loved one have suffered a spinal cord injury or become paralyzed, we urge you to contact our bilingual offices as soon as possible following the accident at 1-858-551-2090 or please click here for a free consultation with an experienced paralysis attorney.  We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not pay anything until we recover money on your behalf.