Drunk driving car accidents cause more than 13,000 wrongful deaths a year in the U.S.  and even more injuries.  Shockingly a third of all drunk drivers are repeat offenders.  These statistics are alarming to our DUI car accident laywers who have seen the tragic effects drunk driving has on families.

In order to combat this problem ignition interlocks — or rather car breathalyzers — have been placed in many cars of drunk driving offenders.  In order to drive the car a person must first blow into the breathalyzer and if alcohol is detected on the drivers breath the car will not start.

A drunk driver might think they can fool the device by having a sober person blow into the breathalyzer however the ignition interlock requires the driver to give breath samples while driving — at random intervals of five minutes to an hour.

While these breathalyzers are not perfect — as often times drunk drivers will borrow a friend’s car — they have been found to reduce repeat drunk driving incidents by 65 percent.  In a recent study by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration the report concluded that if these devices are properly installed they would save more than 750 drunk-driving related deaths a year.

Eight states have already made it a law that these interlocks be installed in the cars of all drunk-driving offenders, while 25 more states require the ignition interlocks be places in cars of repeat offenders or those whose blood-alcohol content (BAC) was a lot higher than the legal limit.

But still many states have problems implementing their use as already over-burdened courts have trouble monitoring an offenders compliance with the breathalyzer.

Our DUI car accident attorneys know that not only can the ignition interlock become an effectice means to combat drunk driving but it can more inportantly save lives.  Hopefully, this will prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel in situations down the line.

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