Consumers and auto makers are wondering whether or not the future of the auto industry is in electric-powered cars.  Electric cars are cars that simply run on batteries as opposed to the traditional fossil fuels.

Can this wave of the future cause car accidents because of unknown possibilities in getting a car recharged for a journey?

Our car accident attorneys know that there has been a lot of pressure on car makers to switch to alternative fuels to power cars.  The oil supply is rapidly dropping and car emissions pollute the air leading to personal injury conditions and trouble breathing.  The electric car is an alternative to getting the United States off of fossil fuels, but the technology is still new and maybe need a few kinks to be sorted out.

Electric-car promoter Better Place Inc. gave its first public demonstration of a battery-swapping system which is an achievement as the new company attempts to convince auto makers that it is possible to get drivers to convert to electric powered cars.

Electric powered cars have to be put to the proper testing before being mass produced to consumers.  The battery powered car may be the next great thing for the auto industry, but there are questions in its production.

Will the battery shut-off unexpectedly on the road and cause a car accident that leads to personal injuries or wrongful death?  Does the addition of the battery add more weight to the car making maneuvering slightly more difficult?  What other potential design defects could exist in these new cars?

Our firm’s car accident lawyers believe that alternative methods of fuel are necessary for the auto industry to prosper in the future, but we also urge auto makers to maintain the same safety standards as oil-powered cars to prevent car accidents and make sure that no matter what vehicle you drive you get the best car insurance policy available.

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