Albert Einstein famously said that when you continue to do the same thing over and over again — and expect different results — that is the definition of insanity.  Honestly, how many times can you the same mistake before you learn to change your method of doing things?

One woman’s career as a bus driver came to an end when she caused a pedestrian accident with her bus and hit a congressional staffer, in September, 2009.  The woman has now sued the bus driver’s employer, the Metro, because this was not the woman’s first accident that has gone on record — nor her first instance of reckless driving.

From the perspective of a pedestrian accident lawyer, the injured woman’s personal injury lawsuit feels like a very strong case.  The bus driver’s reckless driving caused catastrophic injuries to the woman in this case, coming close to making the incident a wrongful death, and there is a good chance that she will collect the some of the $30 million her personal injury lawsuit seeks.  The majority of the money will most likely be used to help pay for medical bills accrued after the bus driver’s bus put her in the hospital.

And what about the bus driver’s rough-road of a driving record?  Two other accidents have been traced back to her and both were found to be preventable.  On top of that, in January of 2009, she received five traffic tickets while on the job, but did Metro take her off the job?  No, it was not until the pedestrian accident with this woman that Metro fired Proctor from her job.

“This isn’t someone who had a virgin (driving) record,” the injured woman’s personal injury attorney said.  “It’s someone who had a notorious record. We’re saying, ‘You knew these were problems and you didn’t correct them.’ ”

On behalf of his client, the attorney has filed a personal injury lawsuit with a U.S. District Court against Metro for knowingly employing a negligent driver with a history of causing auto accidents while on the clock.

The lawsuit requests $10 million in compensatory damages as well as the $20 million in punitive damages be paid to the injured woman to compensate her for the amount of pain and suffering caused by the bus driver. Our firm’s pedestrian accident lawyers feel that Metro has no one to blame but themselves because they had many chances to let the bus driver go for her reckless driving, but decided to take the insanity route instead and look where it has gotten them.  Lucky for them that no one died due to their employee’s actions.

What do you think about this accident?  Should Metro have employed this bus driver as long as they did?  Do you or someone you know have a story about a reckless bus driver?

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