The parents of a bicyclist who was killed in a drunk driving car accident received a wrongful death settlement of just over $1 million.

The parents were awarded the wrongful death settlement from the insurance company of the driver of the car as well as a tavern in Tuscon, AZ.  The driver in question swerved off a road in Arizona and killed the parent’s son in a fatal bicycle accident.

Our San Diego car accident lawyers continue to stress the point that drinking and driving is not only dangerous to you and other drivers, but it is illegal.  There are good reasons why people shouldn’t drink and drive: innocent civilians — drivers and pedestrians.

Our personal attorneys in San Diego are know that bike riders face extreme danger should a car ever hit them.  Without the added safety features of automobiles, these bicyclists face the threat of serious injuries When a drunk-driver is added to the mix, wrongful death is often the result.

The state of Arizona takes great measures to discourage people from drinking and driving.  For one thing, the penalty for drinking and driving is very severe.  The driver in question was sentenced to 10 1/2 years in prison in January 2008 when a jury convicted her of negligent homicide and aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

That much time in prison assigned for a crime should make you think twice before you get in a car even after one drink.  Drinking can affect your senses and judgment, and if either of those is compromised, a car accident can happen .

Almost three hours after the car accident, a blood test was taken from the driver that showed her blood alcohol level was 0.156, almost double the legal limit. She admitted she had three drinks at the bar before the fatal car crash, but she claims she swerved while reaching for hand sanitizer.

The family of the deceased man intends to use the settlement as a start-up for a scholarship created in their son’s name.  Our car accident attorneys believe this is an admirable way to turn a negative into a positive, but in our opinion, the negative should never have happened.

Drivers need to be more responsible if they decide to go out for a drink.  Call a cab.  Call a friend.  Just don’t get behind the wheel.  That’s a one-way street to a drunk-driving accident.

We hope that you will do everything in your power to prevent a DUI accident from occurring.

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