Basketball players might be able to ignore the roar of the crowd, the heckling from revival fans, and the trash talking of their opponents on the court.  However, no ball player — even a faded NBA star — is immune to a paralyzing injury.

Ex-New Jersey Nets play Jayson Williams was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and fractured his neck when he crashed his car into a tree in New York City.  This is another incident to add to the list of  legal problems Williams’ faces with cars and accidents.

Our firm’s paralysis lawyers know that some of the most worst motorists on the road are those who decide to drink and drive.  The majority of accidents that involve driving under the influence end with bad outcomes.  William’s is lucky that his actions did not lead to severe bodily harm and that he only suffered a minor spinal cord injury when he fractured his neck.  Williams will only undergo a little paralysis treatment to make sure that he does not lose feeling or function of his body.

William’s Mercedez-Benz jumped off of the FDR freeway, near East 20th street, in downtown New York City, before it slammed right into a tree.  When authorities  found Williams in the passenger seat when they arrived, with him claiming to be only a passenger, not the driver.  This was later found to be a lie as there was no one else found in the car to qualify as the driver.  Witnesses also told the New York Police Department (NYPD) that they saw Williams in the driver’s seat of his Mercedes-Benz at the time of the accident.  There is also new evidence which shows him at a bar, drinking with college kids, a little while before the accident took place.

Williams has had trouble with drivers in his personal history — he is still awaiting his day in court to be retried for the death of his chauffer, who lost his life when Williams mishandled a shotgun, only to make matters worse by then trying to cover up the wrongful death accident.

For the paralysis lawyers at our firm, the concensus is that Williams should count his blessings that he is not currently living with paralysis, but should also stop acting recklessly so he and others around him do not get hurt.

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