A motorist recently fatally crashed her vehicle into a tree in Mira Mesa while running down another vehicle. This is a suspected case of road rage in the San Diego area. The driver lost control of her vehicle while tailing a Camry at a high rate of speed recently. A road rage crash can become deadly if one or both drivers have troubling maintaining control of the car, ultimately compromising everyone on the road.

The car skidded across the roadway when the driver lost control of the vehicle and slammed into a pine tree in the center divider. The other driver ultimately left the area. The woman who crashed the car suffered broken ribs, lacerations to the liver and spleen, head trauma and other internal injuries. She passed away later in the hospital. A road rage crash like this can leave behind a devastating wake of injuries and fatalities.

A road rage crash can, unfortunately, be linked to an alarming number of crashes which are increasingly having fatal consequences. If you are involved with an aggressive driver, it may be necessary to contact the authorities and to share your concerns. It can be dangerous to exit the vehicle or to attempt to speak with another driver who is extremely aggressive. His or her behavior could translate to physical aggression and could have major consequences.