Electric parts for airbag computers in certain Hyundai and Kia vehicles may be short-circuited and may lead to an airbag failing to deploy. An airbag that fails to deploy could put a passenger or driver in harm’s way immediately.

Many people anticipate that their airbags will be there to protect them in the event of an accident, but may not even realize that the airbags have failed to deploy until it is too late. The last thing most drivers ever want to see while they’re operating a car is their airbags since this is a last safety resort.

However, six front-end crashes with severe damages are being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding situations in which the airbag failed to deploy. The 2012-13 Kia Forte and a 2011 Hyundai Sonata are included in this probe, and approximately 425,000 different vehicles are included in this airbag probe. The problem has already been linked to electronics located in the airbag control computers.

The parts supplier allegedly may have provided parts that short-circuited and caused the airbags to fail to deploy. If you have already been involved in an accident and suspect that it may be a combination of someone else’s fault and defective airbags, you need to consult with an attorney immediately.