The loss of a digit or a limb like an arm or a leg in a car accident is known as traumatic amputation. While amputation is less common than other types of car accident injuries, it can generate a lifelong disability for those who survive when a disfiguring injury happens.

Traumatic amputation that happens due to a car accident can be complicated quickly due to a result of extensive bleeding which can cause infection or shock. Both of these are life-threatening conditions. A digit or a limb severed in an accident can sometimes be reattached but in the majority of cases, an individual who has had to have a limb or digit amputated will do well with a prosthetic limb. There are approximately 1.7 million individuals across the country living with limb amputations.

According to the National Limb Loss Information Center, it is believed that 1 in 200 individuals in the United States has had an amputation. Car accidents are sadly one cause of traumatic amputations as opposed to other issues such as cancer, vascular disease or congenital reasons. A car accident can cause a crash victim’s toes, fingers, feet or hands or even a complete limb to be so severely damaged that reconstruction is no longer an option. Sharp metal or being crushed in a vehicle crash can also increase the chance of amputation.

The vast majority of all trauma related amputations are the upper limbs or arms and males were at a significantly higher risk for trauma related amputations than women. For both men and women, the risk of traumatic amputations increased with age. Talking to an experienced lawyer in addition to developing a comprehensive treatment plan after you have sustained an injury is extremely important.