It’s everybody’s worst nightmare to be involved in a vehicle accident on the busy highways of San Diego, but what happens if you’re suddenly run off the road by someone who is aggressive, in a hurry or otherwise pressuring you to get out of their way. These run off the road accidents can lead to serious injuries because you might lose control of your car in the hectic and chaotic nature of attempting to avoid an accident.

You may hit a median, cross the line and go into another side of traffic or strike other stationary objects. You could even hit pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and others on the side of the road.

These accidents may seem unavoidable if there is limited space on the road and someone is attempting to push you off of it. Run off the road accidents do not happen often, but when they do, the consequences can be severe. No one should have to suffer the severity of a run off the road accident because another person was not paying attention, but this is a reality for victims across California and around the country.

There are many different reasons why someone might attempt to run you off the road, but the outcomes may all be the same if you cannot find appropriate space to move your vehicle. You could be slammed into in a side impact collision in a run off the road accident and there is no telling of the many other types of incidences or injuries that can occur as a result. You may sideswipe someone else, run through a red light or make an inappropriate left turn or lane change because of someone trying to hurt you in a run off the road accident.

Someone else being in a hurry should not cause them to prioritize their needs over your safety. This violates the duty of care California drivers owe to one another on all of the roads of the golden state. If you have already been injured in a run off the road accident, get help from a lawyer today.