Before considering the statement that all teens are irresponsible drivers is a stereotype, consider recent research from Liberty Mutual. The National Center for Health Statistics indicates that car accidents are the number one reason for fatalities for ages 16 to 20-year olds. Most people suspect that using a phone while driving is the number one reason for teen car accidents, however, lack of experience contributes to far more car accidents. High teen crash rates are a top priority for parents, teens, advocates, and legislators alike. 

Teens don’t have the right experience to respond in dangerous situations or to avoid risky behavior like tailgating and speeding. Unfortunately, while experience is a good teacher, it may lead to a greater chance of a teen car accident. Three out of four high school seniors recently told Liberty Mutual that they are confident in their driving skills and yet 71% of them admitted to being on the phone when they drive. High teen crash rates and the resulting fatalities for those between the ages of 15 and 20 have also recently increased by 9% in 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The age category between 16 and 20 has the smallest amount of licensed drivers on the road. However, it also has the highest crash involvement rate. One way to avoid lack of experience accidents is to discourage driving at night. A teenage driver should become confident driving during the day before attempting to drive in the dark. Very few passengers should be allowed in the vehicle at first until the teen is confident with his or her abilities and shows responsibility.