Drinking and driving is a behavior that our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys wish would never happen.  Unfortunately, it happens all the time, even when employees are at work, including government jobs.

LAist has reported that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has caught a small handful of employees driving drunk on the clock.

LADWP workers caught drinking and driving on the job.

Alcohol and drug use in the workplace is handled with a “zero tolerance” policy by the Department.  That’s because this kind of behavior can lead to wrongful deaths on the job by impairing judgment and causing individuals to make mistakes they normally would not make were they sober.

The managerial side of the LADWP is currently in the process of a two-month investigation to find out which employees might have gotten behind the wheel of a city owned vehicle and driven under the influence (DUI) of alcohol while working.  The policy regarding alcohol use was reiterated this past week to all 9,400 LADWP workers and anyone caught drinking, not to mention drinking and driving, on the clock would be terminated.  This might seem like a harsh punishment, but driving under the influence of alcohol at any time and anywhere is a dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Recently, the question of whether an employer can be held responsible for an employee’s drunk-driving has been brought to light in the wake of a car accident involving a worker who drove away from his office when his superiors knew he was drunk.

Our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys hope that the action taken by the LADWP stops any fatal accidents from occurring while their employees are on the job.  Remember, drunk-driving doesn’t just put yourself in danger — it puts you and the ones you love around you in harms way as well.

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