Ohio-based toy company Little Tikes is recalling 1.6 million toy workshops and trucks after a toddler choked on a plastic nail causing injury raising products liability concerns.  The toys were sold by retailers including Toys R Us as well as online at the Little Tikes Web site.

The following toy products are mentioned in the products liability recall:

  • Electronic Project Workshop
  • Little Handiworker Workhorse
  • Home Improvements Two-sided Workshop
  • Swirlin’ Sawdust Workshop
  • Black Pickup Truck with Tools

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers are aware of the possibility of children’s injuries from toys with small parts, which present choking hazards.  Children are curious by nature, and their curiosity could lead to swallowing something that isn’t part of the food pyramid.

These plastic nails in toys made by Little Tikes has raised choking hazards in children which has led to a recall of certain toys.

McDonald’s restaurants have had to recall many of their Happy Meal toys because of potential choking hazards.  Children can easily choke on small toys because their small throats aren’t large enough that the toy may pass through.

The best way for parents to prevent choking hazards with these and any other toys is to supervise their child when they are playing.  When it is time to put the toys away, make sure all parts of the toy are securely put away.

The toy part swallowed by an 11-month-old boy from Goose Creek, S.C. was a plastic nail — about 3 1/4 inches long by 1 1/4 inch in diameter — that became lodged in the boy’s throat.  He was hospitalized and made a full recovery.

Some of the products these nails are found in are no longer sold by the company, but toys already sold may have been given to new owners or possibly sold at garage sales.

The general manager of Little Tikes Worldwide said his company needs to be more careful.

“We realize Little Tikes toys are actively played with in homes where younger siblings reside,” he said, “and for that reason we believe we must do everything possible to ensure the safety of not only the toddler or preschooler for whom the toy is intended, but also for other children who may come in contact with the toy.”

Our firm’s personal injury attorneys in San Diego urge toy companies to be extra careful developing their products.  Children can choke on small parts, which can lead to breathing problems.  If a child’s brain doesn’t receive the necessary oxygen, brain damage could happen leaving permanent damage.

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