Our law firm’s El Cajon car accident attorneys feel like they are stating the obvious when they say pull over if a police officer asks you to.  Even so, some people think they can outrun the police when requested to comply with their orders and in doing so, put lives in danger.

The San Diego Union Tribune has reported that an unidentified man is suspected of instigating a police chase from Lemon Grove to El Cajon on April 11, 2009.  The man is also suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) as he raced authorities through East County.

Lemon Grove to El Cajon, suspected drunk driver leads police on a chase.

A suspected drunk driver lead police on a chase from Lemon Grove to El Cajon. (Source: LegalJuice.com)

The Sheriff’s department, along with the California Highway Patrol, pursued the man after he a near car crash with a deputy near Broadway and Fairway Drive.  After refusing to stop, the driver continued to speed through Casa de Ora and managed to dodge a police spike strip before heading towards El Cajon on Route 94.

The suspected drunk driver caused a car accident with two other vehicles during the police chase, but thankfully no personal injuries were reported from the high speed pursuit.

Upon reaching El Cajon, he ditched the car near Greenfield Drive and Denver Lane.  The female passenger in his vehicle continued to move forward as the driver ran and hopped a few fences.  After police traced the registered address to a nearby apartment complex, the suspected drunk driver was eventually found hiding in an attic.

After 9:40 p.m., the driver surrendered on his own accord and among the possible charges that he could be facing, felony evading and reckless driving appear to be the most likely.  Our car accident attorneys are not officers of the peace, but we urge everyone to pull over, stop, and comply with orders of police officers because ignoring their requests will only make matters worse.

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