There are so many different types of vehicle accidents and all carry the possibility for devastation and significant consequences for those who are hurt. A rear end shunt collision occurs when one vehicle strikes another from behind and forces that first vehicle forward. This could lead to a catastrophic collision with multiple vehicles and a pileup effect. The vehicles in the center of this collision may experience a smashing effect because of the pressure of the sudden force and passengers in these cars might have the most damage. 

There are many different causes behind rear end shunt accidents, and the accident scene should be investigated carefully to figure out which of these may apply and how to get help for an injured victim. Some of these causes include improperly maintained taillights, broken brakes, tailgating, distracted driving, road rage or intoxicated driving.

Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to catastrophic injuries in these kinds of accidents because in many of these cases, a driver did not see the motorcycle to begin with or was following a driver too closely. When a motorcyclist is unnoticed by a driver in the near vicinity, the risk of severe injuries is much higher. Soft tissue injuries are some of the most commonly reported in rear end shunt accidents. This is because of the whiplash motion that is often experienced by a motorcycle rider or a vehicle passenger when the car is struck from behind and then the vehicle settles back, after the initial strike. There are also other possible injuries for motorcyclists in rear end shunt accidents because they may be thrown from the vehicle and sustain head or spinal injuries. All of these are serious situations that require medical attention and legal help.