There’s no doubt that roads can be a dangerous place for drivers and pedestrians alike. While not every Poway car accident can be avoided entirely, the newest measures at the city can help ensure the risk – at the very minimum – is reduced. After what the Patch has called a “contentious issue,” the city of Poway has finally installed all-way stop signs at its busy Valle Verde Road – the same road that tragically killed a resident and injuring many more within the last year.

The city approved the signage in a victorious City Council meeting Tuesday by a 5-0 unanimous vote. It’s taken the city of Poway three years to make the intersection safer even after residents have known for years the intersection was far too busy to be considered safe without signage.

Deputy Mayor Jim Cunningham explains that last year’s death of a Poway woman at the same intersection spurred the signage to take center stage. “What her tragic death did was revitalized the debate,” he added:  “Three of us on the council were not on the council in 2008.”

Drivers can expect to see a slight delay at the intersections of Valle Verde Road and Solera/Vinter Way. However, the delay is relatively minor and will primarily take effect during the busy morning hours of 8 to 9 a.m.

Tuesday’s City Council meeting united many families affected by the dangerous intersection. A mother of an 11-year-old Poway child explained her son – now 4 years older – is still afraid to cross the streets after he was injured as a pedestrian in 2008. Another Poway teen attended the City Council meeting and added: “My friends and I are unable to go to the park or the pool because Valle Verde is too unsafe to cross.” Many other children and teens attended the City Council meeting with similar stories.

“We’re not the experts, they are,” explained a Poway engineer.  “That’s very logical. Poway is known for its schools. Let’s make it safe for our kids to get to school.”

While most people were in favor of the signs, there were a few naysayers who did not vote for the measure due in part for its cost on the city. While not exorbitant, the safety measures will cost Poway an estimated $2,800 – well worth it for a potentially saved life.

Crew will begin installing the new signage Wednesday.

Pedestrian safety: the next step

It’s essential for San Diego County to take note and listen to its residents – after all, it makes sense that residents are the “experts” on the lay of the land including needed safety measures. But often, there’s red tape that can still delay a very necessary change. Here’s what you can do to keep you and your children safe as San Diego County pedestrians.

Ground rules

All children need established, firm guidelines for street travel including playing in the streets. If you know of a dangerous intersection in your neighborhood, make sure your child understands the area is off-limits unless you are there to escort across the street. For older teens, make sure they understand which areas of the city are most dangerous for foot travel and to stay alert and cautious when perusing those streets.

Take action

If there is a known problem with your street or any signage throughout your city, call to report it. If you live in the city of San Diego, you can report traffic signal problems or a need for traffic lights by calling (619) 527-7500. If you live in another city, you may have to contact their City Hall to find out where to report a problem.

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