A recall of a popular bicycle trailer has concerned parents who put their children in a bicycle trailer during their morning or afternoon bike ride.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the products liability recall of two bicycle trailers, the 2009 d’lite ST and Solo ST, made by Oregon-based Burley Design LLC whose defect could cause injury to the child riding along or the parent riding.

Bicycle trailers like the Burley d’lite ST (above) have a design defect that can cause one of the wheels to come off the trailer causing injury.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys believe design defects in certain products are inevitable.  The trick for companies is to either do enough design and testing so they don’t exist at all, or issue recalls like these to prevent injury from happening.  This bike concept is a good in theory, but any concept should be as safe of a concept as possible in reality.  When children’s injuries are possible, extra care needs to be taken.

The commission said a sleeve inside the axle assembly can become loose, causing one wheel to fall of the trailer risking injury to the child or the rider.  The last thing you want to worry about as a parent with one of these is the wheel of the trailer falling off when you least expect it, which could result in possible violent swings either into other bikers or even oncoming traffic.

If you own one of these bicycle trailers, check the serial number located behind the seat on the lower left rear frame tube.  If the serial number starts with “D939” or “D948”, contact Burley’s recall hotline at (800) 311-5294 to get information on what steps you should take.

Correcting defects in products should be a large concern for companies who make things for consumers.  Our personal injury lawyers in San Diego believe extra precautions need to be taken for products that are designed with children in mind.  Children are more fragile than adults, so the smallest bump on the head can lead to something much worse.  If the worst does happen, here are some medical treatment resources to help get you started.

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