The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the government agency in charge of developing and applying disease prevention and control in the United States, found a chemical in 15 tested brands of powdered infant formulas in what could lead to products liability lawsuits.

Young infants are very vulnerable to chemicals that can be ingested, and children’s injuries can drive a parent crazy.  These children are just beginning to develop and the slightest bit of chemical not intended to be in their bodies can be deadly or leave permanent physical disabilities.

Our San Diego law firm of experienced personal injury attorneys feel that it is their responsibility to make sure companies causing children’s injuries are held accountable for their product liability injuries in a court of law.

In the tested brands of baby formula, perchlorate, which is used in solid rocket and jet fuel, was found in low level amounts.  Low levels of the same chemical have been detected in many foods and drinking water supplies around the country.  These problems can be linked to military and aerospace facilities.

Are factories and food plants becoming so irresponsible that they choose to do business near these sites seemingly on purpose?  If this type of chemical can be found nearby, would it not be a good idea to set up the factory a bit further away and not have to possibly to cause potential personal injury in young boys and girls?

Research has shown the chemical can disrupt thyroid functions and interfere with the production of hormones necessary for early development and a healthy metabolism.

Newborn children are vital to the continued growth in this country, and if this problem becomes a bigger problem faster, many children will grow up and suffer from lasting personal injury and pain and suffering from their past.

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