It’s the easiest accident type to avoid with proper spacing between cars and being mindful of traffic, but a rear end accident in California is also one of the most common. A rear end accident in California can leave the victim with significant property damage and medical conditions because of injuries.

If you have been struck in a rear end accident in California, get off the road as soon as it is safely possible to do so. Check out for traffic and use signals and flares to alert other people to the hazard. Even if you’re not yet sure whether the injuries are severe, you should call the police and get them to the scene. The police report may prove helpful.

While you’re waiting for the police to get there, check for severe injuries at the scene. A rear end accident in California is most likely to leave a victim with whiplash, but other injuries may also occur. Contact your insurance company and talk to them about the accident, but refrain from making any statements about fault at this point.

Share your information, including your insurance details, with the other driver. If the police have already arrived, however, you may rely on the police to collect the necessary information if you are uncomfortable speaking with the other party.

Take pictures of the scene and make videos of the accident area if you can. You should not rely on your memory alone to recall what happened. The photos and videos may help tell your story later on in court.

After the accident, keep track of your medical records and insurance conversations. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may be necessary if you’re not able to get the support and funds you need to recover from a rear end accident in California. Many people assume that their insurance company is there to protect them and that insurance carrier representatives can help, but it can be a mistake to make statements to the insurance company without talking to your lawyer.