A pedestrian in a crosswalk was recently struck in an accident in which an individual drove through a red light. Police are still investigating the collision. The pedestrian was a 44-year-old woman who was struck by a Mazda as she crossed the Scripps Poway parkway near Angelique Street, according to information shared by the San Diego Police Department. When a car runs a red light, cyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers may all be caught unaware and suffer serious injuries. Despite signage and clear road rules about intersections and stopping at red lights or stop signs, injuries and accidents are still far too common in San Diego and elsewhere around California.

Lanes were reopened shortly after that accident occurred and the victim was taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital where she was treated for a broken rib and fractured vertebrae. Individuals who run through red lights pose significant risks for pedestrians in crosswalks or surrounding areas. Being struck a vehicle, even a vehicle traveling at a relatively slow speed, could lead to catastrophic injuries or even fatalities.

These accidents can become even more dangerous in the event that they turn into a hit and run. Being struck by someone and having that person leave the scene of the accident can raise a lot of questions and could even lead to civil as well as criminal charges.

Pedestrian accidents often lead to life-threatening injuries. Most pedestrians are not expected to be hit by a vehicle and have no opportunity to brace for the impact. Furthermore, they have no protection against a heavy vehicle, particularly if the car is traveling as fast speeds. When a pedestrian sustains injuries that impact his or her ability to go to work or to live life normally again, this may form the basis of a personal injury claim.