Most of us come to work expecting a normal, uneventful day. Punch in, punch out. But if you work in construction, you already know that every day is anything but ordinary. With intense job demands and high risk for injury, each day can present a new challenge. Unfortunately, in some cases, with just one oversight, the day can go from good to bad in a mere split second.

If you’re one of many who work in construction, it’s imperative that you follow rules, protocol and all required safety measures. For construction managers, make sure you have followed up on all maintenance issues and safety measures as well. If you don’t already have an employee safety handbook, there’s never been a better time than now to create company-wide rules that ensure the safety of your staff.

Our advice follows on the heels of a recent national case that made San Diego headlines as a result of its harrowing details. According to the San Diego Union Tribune (3/24/2015), a construction accident in Raleigh, North Carolina has sparked an investigation to discover why several men fell to their tragic death after a scaffold broke free from a high-rise building. The tragic accident killed three construction workers.

The State Department of Labor is conducting its formal investigation to uncover reasons for the platform failure. As the San Diego Union noted, the state agency may impose fines should it find that any safety violations were found to be a cause of the accident. It is estimated that the review may take up to six months.

According to reports, the accident was said to have been caused as a result of the scaffold track which, for unknown reasons, snapped off, sending the platform barreling to the ground. Reports further indicate the accident may have occurred during “the process of dismantling the scaffold on the building’s exterior” according to San Diego UT reports.


Construction jobs tend to carry much more risk for injury than, say, an office job. Due to strenuous work and often long hours, even a small mistake can cause disastrous results when it comes to on-the-job injury.

If you’re a construction manager, consider:

  • Ongoing safety trainings. It’s just good business practice: make sure you’re the expert at safety so you can train others and share your knowledge of good practices. Consider on-site trainings that are specific to your line of construction so that your safety training is tailored exactly for your business. If there are safety materials or handbooks, copy them and distribute them to your employees.
  • Holding regular safety trainings. Be a visible manager and lead by example. Show your employees that safety indeed matters and hold regular safety meetings to ensure that safety is at the top of every employees mind.
  • Conducting informal site visits. If you have multiple sites – big or small – be sure to conduct regular safety visits. It’s not a matter of “catching” your employees; it’s a matter of enforcing safety for their And don’t forget to compliment your employees and give credit where credit is due.

For construction workers, consider:

  • Reading and implementing all safety materials given to you. There’s a reason that safety measures are being implemented. It isn’t to make your life harder – rather, it’s to save your life! Read all of the safety procedures outlined by your employer and follow them. While some procedures may take a little longer, we encourage you to follow safety protocol anyway as these rules are in place to reduce your risk of injury or wrongful death.
  • Providing feedback. You’re the one with firsthand knowledge of your job. Could some aspect of the job be improved? Is there a safety idea that you believe could reduce the risk of injury for yourself and others? Don’t hesitate to give feedback to your managers when it comes to your safety!


If you have been injured in a workplace accident or a loved one has tragically passed away due to a wrongful death at work, you may be entitled to file a legal claim against the responsible parties. For a completely confidential and FREE consultation, give San Diego’s most trusted attorneys a call today at 1-858-551-2090. We don’t collect any fees unless we win your case. Call now.