Being involved in an accident is always a harrowing experience, but the stakes may be much higher when you are located on a bridge. There may be little or no shoulder for you to pull over and remove your car from the risk of being struck by others and cars behind you may be moving quickly enough that they do not see the obstacle in the roadway, leading to a multi-car pileup. There has been an increased amount of traffic for people commuting to work on the Coronado Bridge and for that reason, you are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident.

Drivers, unfortunately, are far more distracted than ever, making driving on a bridge more dangerous. Many people who are not familiar with the area and traveling on the bridge as well, do not know what to look for and may be looking at items in the water or the view itself. This could lead to a significant accident with very little warning. The first thing you should do after being involved in an accident on the Coronado Bridge is to call the police. Police will respond immediately to provide safety and protection for all of those involved. The most critical timing after a Coronado bridge car accident has to do with the time immediately following the wreck but before the arrival of the authorities.

This is when anyone in your car or around your car can be easily killed by subsequent accidents. Furthermore, your car could catch fire and if there is a risk of doing this, you need to get away from the vehicle. However, if there is no risk of fire, you and your passengers should all stay belted inside the vehicle. This is the best chance for you to avoid being involved in a serious follow-up accident. Make sure to notify other drivers on the bridge of the accident and discourage them from coming too close to your car. Wait until the scene has been controlled by the authorities and once the police have arrived, you may begin to file a police report and consult with medical professionals about what to do next.