You can’t afford gas and so you need to walk to work, never thinking that you are headed down the path towards a fatal pedestrian accident.  What makes a scenario like this even worse?  When there are childen involved.

A Poway single mother of two was killed in a fatal pedestrian accident when she was struck down by a car.  The automobile jumped the sidewalk, hit the woman, and caused her to experience a wrongful death almost instantly.

Our Poway accident lawyers are always saddened to hear that a reckless driver has taken the life of someone.  Usually pedestrian accidents do not involve personal injuries, because, unfortunately, when someone outside of a car is struck by a vehicle they are more likely to suffer a wrongful death.

The driver in question was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter and it was late discovered that she was driving under the influence of drugs, including Valium and methadone.  When police arrived on the scene, they removed a number of objects from the car of the driver in question, and one of the items was a bottle of pills.

What is especially upsetting about this case is that the deceased woman leaves behind her two teen children.  Losing their mother will most-likely be an emotionally traumatic experience for them because there is nothing that can bring her back.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers think that this incident is heart-breaking.  Though it is still unknown what made the driver’s car jump the sidewalk, we do know that there ways to stop driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  How many people must lose their lives before drivers stop getting behind the wheel while intoxicated?

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