The city of Oceanside is mourning a young woman who died in a suspected drunken driving accident in Oceanside. She is survived by the driver of the vehicle, an Oceanside man thought to be in his early 20s.

According to reports at CBS8, the vehicle split in half after hitting a tree around 6:30 p.m. last Wednesday near Avenida del Oro. Upon impact, one half of the vehicle careened across the center divide while the other part of the vehicle slid into oncoming lanes of traffic. Moments later, the car collided head-on into a Nissan Sentra, ejecting the driver from the vehicle.

The female passenger was killed instantly at the scene of the accident. She was thought to be in her early 20s. According to officials, her body was trapped in the wrecked vehicle for hours before police crew were able to reach her body with the Jaws of Life.

Reports indicate the driver was ejected from the vehicle and into the westbound lanes of Oceanside Boulevard. He survived the accident and was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police say the man could face charges of manslaughter including driving under the influence once toxicology reports are completed. According to CBS8, the cause of the accident still remains under investigation.


Unfortunately, DUIs become more frequent during the holiday season. This accident is a sobering reminder that even a few drinks can make all the difference between a focused driver and one who should call a taxi. It goes without saying that people of all ages should be aware of their drinking this holiday season, but young people are especially urged to take note. Don’t underestimate the power of alcohol – it can do much more than meets the eye.

CONFISCATE KEYS. A good host will take away keys when needed and call a taxi for their guests if needed. Pretending that keys are lost usually does the trick without offending anyone. Or, simply offer prepaid taxi rides at the beginning of the party or as guests progressively indulge throughout the evening.

PROVIDE PROTEIN-RICH SNACKS. Always remember to include plenty of snacks for your guests to enjoy. Ideas include protein-rich items like nuts, meats and cheeses. These foods keep people full and, in many cases, curb overindulgence.

SERVE WATER. It’s super classy and helps guests to stay within limits. Try high-end water like Evian or Fiji, or go for the bubbly with Pellegrino or Perrier. It looks good, taste good – and can even help designated drivers stay completely designated without missing out on a fun drink.

PLAN ACTIVITIES. Parties are meant to be fun, right? Entertainment ensures your guests have a good time – but activities are also great when it comes to balancing drinking with other events of the evening. Drinking doesn’t have to be the main show.

LAST CALL. It’s a good idea to stop serving alcohol at least 1 hour before you plan to phase out your party. Hosts can call for taxis during this time or ensure designated drivers are ready to go. Remember, it usually takes much more time than one hour for someone to get sober. Please remember that a taxi is always the safest choice if you have to question someone’s sobriety.