A recent analysis looked at top cars across the country that are likely to result in catastrophic expenses in terms of repairs. After a vehicle accident, there are so many different things to worry about with regard to your damages and expenses.

Owners of expensive cars have unique concerns when it comes to maintenance and repair of their vehicle. Parts might be harder to come by and the repairs could be more expensive.

First of all, you’ll be curious about how to navigate the justice system as you pursue a personal injury lawsuit. You’ll also have medical expenses and missed time at work. Even with a solid health insurance policy it may be difficult for you to cover all of your various expenses.

Choosing a car that is both safe, so as to minimize your injuries in the first place and the one that has minimal repair cost can help you navigate this difficult situation. What follows are the five most expensive cars to crash, according to an analysis completed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. To complete the project, they looked at collision claims.

The top cars included:
• Number 5: The Maserati GranTurismo
• Number 4: The BMW I8
• Number 3: The Bentley Continental GTC
• Number 2: The Bentley Continental Flying Spur
• Number 1: The Bentley Continental GT
Bentley owners may have significant costs of over $30,000 to repair their vehicles in the event that an accident makes it inoperable or leads to significant physical damage. If you or someone you know has already been involved in an accident and are curious about recovering maximum compensation, set aside a time to talk to an experienced lawyer.