In Venezuela many motorists are leaving behind their cars and opting to instead use motorbikes.  Known as “motorizados,” these individuals carry passengers and deliver packages on motorized vehicles that eliminate gas guzzling cars that clog roads in monumental traffic jams.

But as these motorbikes weave in and out of traffic, hopping on sidewalks and ignoring red lights the drivers daring maneuvers are causing others personal injury from auto accidents.

As motorcycle accident attorneys, we believe that a safe driver is a good driver, but what happens when someone’s reckless driving causes a car accident with you?  That is why you should cover yourself with the best car insurance policy you can.  You don’t want to be stuck paying medical bills for an auto accident that you didn’t cause!

Not only are car accidents a concern as motorbikes run rampant on the roads but many of these “motorizados” carry handguns and have been known to set fire to cars that hit one of their own.

Motorizados are classified by degrees of industriousness and wrong-doing.  Most common are the mototaxistas, who carry passengers or documents and usually break nothing more serious than traffic laws.  Next are the motobanquistas, who carry out bank robberies on motorbikes.  Most frightening are the sicarios, paid assassins who use motorbikes for their work.

The number of motorizados has climbed in recent decades as the casual economy expanded.  Their numbers have surged again as the recent oil boom allowed Venezuelans to buy hundreds of thousands of new cars.  The 34-percent increase in car sales in 2007 and 2008 as a result has led to more traffic and thus more motorbikes being utilized as a means of transportation.

As South American motorists opt to use motorized bikes instead of cars for their daily commute, could this trend in turn influence American drivers to do the same?  As motorcycle accident lawyers, we believe that safety comes first when operating a motorized vehicle.  No one is immune from being in a car crash because an automobile accident can happen at any given time.

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