To help reduce the severity of motorcycle injuries, our motorcycle accident lawyers want you to think about wearing motorcycle body armor. This motorcycle safety gear is composed of either foam or some harder compound that can absorb high amounts of energy and protects your skin from direct contact with the street.Body ArmorNot wearing motorcycle safety gear could be very painful in a motorcycle crash since even small crashes can result in "road rash" -- abrasions that come from being dragged along a pavement or blacktop. Many motorcyclists are knocked off their bikes during a crash, and friction with the ground can destroy a few layers of skin and even damage nerves. Wearing body armor could prevent this motorcycle injury.

What is the Best Motorcycle Safety Gear?

Quality armor might seem unnecessary, but you will pay a lot later if you're injured in a motorcycle crash. The three main types of motorcycle armor are as follows:Foam armor (1) is essentially the typical yellow foam that you would find in a mattress. Even though this foam is pretty thick, foam armor offers a low level of protection. Memory foam (2) is a more dense foam, which gives the wearer the highest level of absorption of energy.Hard armor (3) is usually made of a hard plastic back with foam on the inside. This armor has come under scrutiny because there are theories that say force is not dispersed as well as the soft armor. You have several choices, but any type of safety equipment is better than none.

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No matter what type of safety gearyou wear, you can never be 100 percent safe on a motorcycle. Accidents happen, and if your motorcycle accident was caused by someone else, you may be entitled to a monetary settlement. The lawyers at our San Diego law firm have specialized in motor vehicle cases since 1992, and we will work hard to make sure your needs and best interests are given a voice.Call our bilingual law offices at 1-858-551-2090 for a FREE Consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer or click here to submit your case for a FREE Online Review. You owe nothing until we win your case.