Suffering a blow to the head is a traumatic experience. You may begin to panic because you may have woken up from a brief period of unconsciousness. You may question whether or not you're okay. Concussions, for example, cause both of these things on top of a splitting headache and a spinning room (from your dizziness). With all traumatic brain injuries, there is as much emphasis on current symptoms as well as possible future conditions. Only a doctor or neuropsychologist will know for sure, so it is important to get checked by someone who is trained to handle neurological conditions and diagnose you accordingly. If you feel your traumatic brain injury was caused by someone else, contact one of San Diego's most experienced brain injury lawyer to handle your case. The immediate effects of a traumatic brain injury are difficult enough to deal with, but what if you have a more complicated condition that can cause days, weeks, months or a lifetime of constant care by a doctor?

What Are Some Complications From Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Brain damage, for example, causes the deterioration of brain cells which can affect normal brain function. A malfunction in the brain can cause errors in sending messages from the brain to other parts of the body, or in the worst case scenario, those messages don't get sent at all creating serious problems in motor functions or the heart. Have you ever hit your head and have a feeling of confusion as to who and where you are? Amnesia is another condition that you can suffer from after you get hit in the head. Amnesia is characterized by damage to the parts of the brain that control memory as well as taking in new information. Epilepsy is another condition that a traumatic brain injury can cause is called epilepsy. The main symptom of epilepsy is whats called a seizure, which can be anything from a blank stare to full-on convulsions. In order to be diagnosed with epilepsy, however, you have to suffer from at least two unprovoked seizures. Concussions are a bit more tricky because the symptoms of a concussion (i.e. headaches, nausea and disorientation) can last for weeks and even months. That condition is known as post-concussion syndrome.

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