They are referred to as “Dead-man’s Curves” in movies and ghost tales, but dangerous roadway curves cause too many car accidents in real life.   These types of car accidents are often fatal or cause serious and crippling injuries. Deadly curve-caused car accidents are often the result of speeding or inattentive driving.  Driving at high speeds and not realizing the severity of a turn can cause drivers to lose control of their cars, leave the road and slam into a barrier or tree.  A drunk driver is also at risk when approaching a deadly curve.

Caution Signs Prevent Car Accidents

Many times, drivers may be paying attention to the road but will misjudge the danger of an approaching curve.  As a result, transportation departments put signs before these dead-man’s curves.  There are two types of warning signs that will warn you of an upcoming curve. 1.  Curve & Corner Warning Signs. These signs are usually yellow in color and indicate that ahead are dangerous or unexpected bends in the road.  Curve warning signs usually describe the shape of the curve that you are approaching, whether the curve is to the right or to the left and also the degree to which the curves or bends are sharp and may also indicate a series of curves ahead of you.  These signs usually post an accompanying safe driving speed, which is lower than the posted speed limit. 2.  Chevron Arrows. These yellow arrow signs are often grouped as series of at least three signs that are placed at the actual location of the bend or curve.  These signs typically precede an especially dangerous curve and point the direction of it.  Drive carefully when you see approaching chevron arrows.

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The best way to prevent a car accident caused by a dangerous curve is to drive carefully.  By driving at the posted speed limit, you will be able to smoothly slow down to a safe speed to navigate the curve.  This will prevent the car from rolling over and leaving the road on a sharp turn.   As always, drive carefully and you will live to tell another “Dead-man’s Curve” ghost story. If the unfortunate happens and you do get into a car accident, the best thing you can do for yourself is to seek legal representation quickly.  Our experienced auto accident attorneys will help you avoid costly mistakes many people make when dealing with insurance companies who are often looking out for their best interests, not yours. Call our bilingual law offices right away at 1-858-551-2090 for a FREE consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney in San Diego.  You may also click here to submit your case for a FREE review.  Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which mean you owe nothing until we recover a fair auto accident settlement. We work to get compensation for these auto accidents, but no compensation can replace a crippling injury or the wrongful death of a loved one.