High winds are an overlooked danger to drivers and cause many crashes out on the road each year, making them one of the top causes of car accidents. High winds are usually defined as sustained winds of at least 40 mph or gusts over 58 mph. They cause drivers to lose control of their cars as they can be pushed off the road. Drivers that live in “Tornado Alley” in the South and Mid-Western states are in very high risk areas for extreme winds, but any area could be in danger of high wind caused auto accidents. Our firm’s experienced car accident lawyers would like to give you some helpful hints to keep in mind for driving in high winds: 1. Be on the lookout for tornado warnings. Tornadoes produce high winds sustained well over 100 mph which can toss cars for several miles up into the air. Unless you are a storm chaser, we recommend that you drive in the other direction of a twister and seek immediate shelter. 2. Maintain a safe distance from other cars. By staying as far away from other cars as possible, you can avoid an auto accident if another car is blown in your direction. Remember that larger automobiles are usually more susceptible to being blown over. 3. Never drive over downed power lines.  Even though they have been knocked over by the wind, these high-voltage wires may still be alive and very dangerous. 4. Avoid driving through water.  Water may appear shallow, but it may be quite deep, and the current, with the help of high winds, may be able to carry your car away. 5. It is also important to be aware of a sudden calm after a period of high winds. You may have found your way into the eye (or the middle) of the storm.  Just because it is quiet does not mean the storm is over. If you keep these safety recommendations in mind, you should be able to avoid high wind-related car accidents.  There is a still a chance that you can get into a car accident if you drive in a risky situation like this.  When in doubt, avoid driving in these dangerous conditions.  If there is no way around driving in high winds, keep in mind these safety tips as they may help you arrive safely at your destination.

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