Loose objects in cars can turn into dangerous items when a car accident happens.  If you think you cannot be hurt by loose objects during a car accident, think again. Our firm’s car accident lawyers want to remind you that when you are loading your car, it is essential to make sure that all loose objects in your car do not become lethal weapons in a crash.  Unsecured or loose objects in a vehicle are one of the top causes of car accidents.  Chances are that your car has one or two loose objects in it right now that can potentially transform into projectiles with lethal power when the force of a car accident is applied. Always remember to never store objects in the driver’s foot-space because.  During under heavy braking or cornering, these items can move and reduce your ability to use the pedals.  They may get lodged under either the brake or the gas pedal, causing the driver to possibly lose control.  Even improperly designed or placed floor mats can slide forward each time you get in the car which could ultimately lead to a possible wrongful death accident. Loose objects on the dashboard or center console such as CD cases, loose change, and mobile phones can be distracting as they slide around while the driver turns a corner. Put these items in your car’s storage compartments. Also, use the drink holders so you do not need to hold a drink between your legs while driving. Avoid the temptation created by leaving your handbag or briefcase on the front passenger’s seat for convenience in reaching over and grabbing something. Store it safely so that you have to stop the car to get at objects inside. You should always keep the inside of your car clean and organized. Being aware of everything under your seat can prevent a car accident caused by a loose object. An empty bottle, tennis ball or various objects can move from under the seat and cause a pedal jam and lead to a car accident. Also, never leave large objects unrestrained on the backseat. Even in a small car accident, a light object could go flying through the air, striking and killing the occupants. Large items should be placed to make sure that the maximum amount of surface area makes contact with the backseats. Stowing luggage any other way causes heavy force in an automobile accident.

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