Street races often cause serious car accidents and wrongful death.  Street racers are not usually injured in these automobile accidents, but instead, it’s innocent people who get injured.  Street racing is becoming more and more prevalent, and as the speeds increase so does the likelihood of serious injury in a car accident. These races rarely end without incident.  By traveling at fast speeds, you will experience difficulty controlling your car.  Maybe this increased speed will lead to running a stop sign or a red light, a rollover accident or a catastrophic head-on collision.  If you lose control of your vehicle while speeding, your auto accident could be fatal.

Drag Racing Is Not the Only Problem

Our car accident attorneys in San Diego know that many people -- adults and teenagers, alike -- race their cars.  It’s not just 'The Fast and the Furious" drag racing, either, as it can be as simple as two friends racing one another.  Next thing you know, one or both of them are involved in a fatal car accident. Sadly, it seems that street racing is becoming more common and innocent families are left devastated because of subsequent automobile accidents.  We have seen the grief of those whose lives were torn apart by the death of a loved one in a car accident caused by street racing.  It is for that reason that we ask all fellow drivers on the road to consider the possible consequences of their actions if the idea of street racing ever pops into their mind.  Nobody wins a street race if it leads to wrongful death.

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