Get political.

Many of those who are recovering from spinal cord injuries or are paralyzed have found a way to make a change by getting political in their communities and on a nation-wide scale. Advocating for the rights of the differently-abled can be a rewarding way to still have a significant impact in your life and in the lives of those around you.

When the body is not able to perform, the mind takes over in amazing ways. By having your way of life changed by a spinal cord injury, you can impact others' lives and make them better, as well as future generations of those living with paralysis.

How can you get political after a spinal cord injury?

  • Writing letters to local politicians
  • Lobbying for a cause or a group
  • Organizing a demonstration for a cause
  • Talking with congressmen, media, and others who influence laws and bills

Numerous men, women, and children have lobbied for bills to be passed that make it easier for those in wheelchairs to use public transportation and get into city and state buildings with less difficulty. Laws have been changed because people with spinal cord injuries have gathered their friends, neighbors, and families together to raise money for campaigns or brought their issues to the eye of local and federal government agencies. When you bring awareness, you bring about change, and change, at least in America, has always begun from the grassroots and gone upward.

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