While it is almost never possible to predict when car accident is going to occur that could lead to a serious spinal cord injury, you can take precautions to lower the risk of becoming paralyzed. Most of them are common sense and yet our paralysis attorneys in San Diego know that most of the time these measures go overlooked.

Always Wear A Seatbelt

If you are in a moving vehicle, then you should be safely buckled into the seatbelt device.

Secure Or Buckle Children Into Age And Weight Appropriate Child Safety Seats

It is very important that children are properly buckled into their car seats because damage to their bodies during an accident can be much more severe than that of an average adult.

Children 12 And Under Should Be Buckled Up In The Backseat Of Cars

This way they are out of the path of the airbag if it should deploy during a car accident.

Never Get Into A Car With A Driver Who Is Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol

Again, just a rule of thumb when going anywhere on the road.

Never Get Into A Car With A Driver Who Is Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol

Again, just a rule of thumb when going anywhere on the road. If you can also prevent others under the impairment of drugs and alcohol, that is another great safety measure for good driving.

Make Sure That Food Is Properly Cleaned And Thoroughly Cooked

Most cases of E. Coli come from instances where someone ate food that was either undercooked or still raw. Improper cleaning of food can also be the cause of E. Coli in someones body.

Ask Your Doctor About A Flu Shot And Do Your Own Research

Just because everyone is jumping on the band wagon does not mean that you should immediately do the same. Ask your family's doctor what the risks are with getting a seasonal flu shot and then weigh the facts for yourself. You might be thinking that this is all common sense stuff and why would anyone not want to make sure that they and their loved ones are given the utmost in safety and security? Still, the world is a strange and unpredictable place, which we often forget living in San Diego. Your life can change in a split second, so it is best to make sure that you do everything in your power to make sure that it does not change for the worse.

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