Car accidents can be harrowing, life-changing events. Auto crashes can become even more life-altering when accompanied by an injury. If you experienced cervical myelopathy as a result of an accident, speak to a San Diego spinal cord injury lawyer. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Read on to learn more about cervical myelopathy and what you can do to secure your legal rights.


Cervical myelopathy occurs when the spinal canal narrows in the top five vertebrae in the spine. As a result, individuals report neck pain, numbness or weakness in the arms or hands. Additionally, increased pressure within the spine can affect mobility. Fine motor skills such as tying a shoe or buttoning a shirt may become difficult. As the spinal cord narrows, it may compress the bone until it reaches the point of a spinal cord injury. The most common symptoms include:
  • Neck pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Arm or hand weakness
  • Reduced limb or digit mobility
  • Walking difficulty
  • Balance difficulty
Some people afflicted with cervical myelopathy may not exhibit these symptoms.


Many individuals develop cervical myelopathy with age. And, the most common cause of degenerative cervical spondylosis is arthritic changes in the cervical spine. Over time, these changes lead to narrowing and compression of the spinal cord. Car accidents can exacerbate preexisting cervical myelopathy. However, individuals diagnosed with cervical myelopathy who experience worsening of symptoms after a crash may still have a case. If your cervical myelopathy is exacerbated by a car accident, speak to a San Diego spinal cord injury lawyer. You may still have a case. Our attorneys can file a claim on your behalf to ensure all of your legal rights are secured.


Assessing and treating cervical myelopathy may include:
  • Physical exam. First, a doctor will examine your spine for symptoms of cervical myelopathy. He or she will then order additional tests to confirm and then treat the condition.
  • Post-myelography computed tomography (myelo-CT). First, a doctor will inject an opaque contrast material into the spine through a lumbar puncture. Afterward, a sophisticated X-ray may reveal abnormalities in the spinal fluid sac. Additionally, the test may reveal bulging discs or bone spurs in the spine.
  • Physical therapy. Reduced mobility is common with a cervical myelopathy diagnosis. Physical therapy may be ordered to increase range of motion and to keep joints limber.
  • Surgery. In cases where symptoms persist, surgery may be ordered. A surgeon may remove arthritic bone(s) that may have narrowed the spinal canal. Sometimes, a spinal fusion may be ordered to stabilize the affected area.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines. A doctor may prescribe medicines to help counter any inflammation.
  • Pain medicine. Cervical myelopathy can be a painful condition. Typically, a doctor will prescribe pain killers to help treat pain.


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