One of your first priorities after an injury should be to see a doctor because it’s important to correctly diagnose and treat your injuries as soon as possible.  With the variety of injuries you can suffer, it is important that you find a doctor with the right specialty to treat your injuries.  As personal injury lawyers, we know the value of a good doctor.

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What if you don’t have health insurance?  Did you know that a personal injury lawyer may still be able to get you affordable medical treatment?  Not only that, our experienced personal injury attorneys may be able to make sure that the responsible party eventually foots the bill for your medical bills. Since 1992 our personal injury law firm has been helping people file insurance claims throughout California.  Firm’s founder Michael Pines is a former insurance company lawyer, so he knows how insurance companies work.  If you do not want insurance companies to take advantage of you, you should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer from our law firm.  We will work to make sure your needs are given a voice. You only get one personal injury settlement at the end of your case, so with one chance for justice, why take any chances? If you were injured and believe that you deserve compensation, then call our bilingual law offices right away at 1-858-551-2090 or click here for a FREE consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney and find out how we can help you.  We look forward to providing good advice for your case.