The number of trauma and injury cases due to automotive and pedestrian injuries is on the rise. Individuals can learn how to prevent injuries and take care of themselves if an accident occurs. A little bit of education can mean the difference between having an accident and staying safe. Trauma and Injury Prevention The prevention of trauma and injury is an important thing. These issues cause death and serious problems that may require extensive medical care and therapy to correct. Ironically enough, cases of trauma and injury are often the cause of neglect or lack of planning. In fact, most accidents are totally preventable. Trauma effects many young people who feel they are not as susceptible to danger and may not realize how deadly everyday accidents can be. The media is quick to cover major accidents like airplane crashes, but they rarely report the automobile and trauma accidents that occur everyday. These are the most fatal types of accidents, and it's imperative for individuals of all ages to educate themselves on how to stay protected from common injuries. Pre-hospital Care and Emergency Medicine When a person becomes injured, everyone involved should stay calm and seek medical attention as soon as possible. In the case of back injury or a head injury, the person shouldn’t move but sit and wait for help to arrive. Those with a sprain or break can apply ice to the affected area on the way to the hospital. Childhood Injury Trauma and injury are some of the leading causes of death in children. The leading type of accident is a car accident. Experts recommend that parents use car seats or booster seats at all times, keep children in the backseat and follow all the instructions found in the seats. They also recommend that kids wear the proper safety gear when biking or using scooters to reduce the chances of injury. It’s not always possible to prevent accidents, but taking proper care following an accident can reduce the chances of the injury becoming more serious. This is especially important in cases of children as even a minor injury can cause more serious problems. The only thing a person can do is learn more about preventing the more common types of accidents and injuries.