A property damage claim is a formal reimbursement request for the repair costs from a motorcycle crash. This damage is not, however, limited to the cost of fixing your bike. In San Diego and throughout California, you can also receive compensation for a rental vehicle so that you can get around while your motorcycle is in the repair shop.There are laws that protect your property, and an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will instruct you on what exactly youre entitled to recover.

Your Claim Will Help Pay for Motorcycle Repair

Property damage claims are presented to one of the following:

  1. Person responsible for the motorcycle accident
  2. Your insurance company (if you have collision coverage)
  3. Insurance company of the responsible party.

Insurance companies might offer to repair your motorcycle or they might offer money for its value, depending on a few factors. If your motorcycle can be repaired, you can have it worked on or be compensated for the value those repairs would have cost. If your motorcycle can be repaired but the costs are more than what it is worth, it is then deemed a total loss. In this case, you are entitled to the fair market value of your motorcycle.Either way, you have legal options if your motorcycle is damaged in a crash that you didn't cause.

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