Motorcycle accidents can be very different depending on the type(s) of motorcycles involved in a crash. Each motorcycle is unique in its purpose, function and overall handling. If you are shopping for a motorcycle, our motorcycle accident attorneys recommend taking the time to figure out which model best fits your needs. Of course, riding comes with the risk of a motorcycle crash, so don't be afraid to take riding lessons to help you handle your motorcycle.

Touring motorcycles (1) commonly have large displacement fairings and screens that offer a relatively high degree of weather and wind protection. Touring motorcycles also have a large capacity fuel tank for long ranges between fill-ups, and a more relaxed, upright seating position than sport-bikes.

Chopper motorcycles (2) are characterized by their extremely raked forks, reclined seats and flashy chrome. Choppers are considered cruisers (3) which are preferable for laid-back riding.

Sport bikes (4) -- sometimes called performance bikes or "crotch rockets" -- emphasize speed, acceleration, deceleration, and maneuverability.

Naked bikes (5) -- also known as a "standard" or "street bike -- are bikes that were stripped down to their fundamental parts.

Motocross bikes (6) have become very popular. The word "motocross" is actually a combination of "motorcycle" and "cross country", as cyclists race these motorcycles off road.

Dirt bikes (7) are for off road use only and are characterized by their:

  • Light weight, small engines
  • Long suspension travel and high ground clearance
  • Simple, rugged construction with little bodywork and no framing
  • Large wheels with knobby tires, often clamped to the rim with locks

Enduro motorcycles (8) are road-legal versions of a motocross machine. Supermoto motorcycles (9) evolved from motocross and enduro machines.

Trials bikes (10) are extremely specialized dirt bikes that focus on balancing skills and precision rather than speed. Adventure bikes (11) are a cross between a dirt bikes and long-distance touring bikes and are ideal for lengthy rides because they have an upright position that is comfortable for long distance trips.

Scooters (12) are basically small motorcycles that allows for the rider to step through and sit while riding, and power scooters (13) are merely scooters with larger engines.

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