All spinal cord injuries that qualify as disc herniations happen when the soft cushion between the spinal bone ruptures, but not all herniated discs are the same. When a disc herniates — or pushes outwards — against the spinal cord or the spinal nerves, it is the pressure on the nerves that cause the symptoms associated with a disc herniation. From our experience as spinal cord injury lawyers in San Diego, we know that herniated discs are a common injury after an auto accident.The location of the herniated disc can change but the degree of the herniation can vary. The type of herniated disc in relationship to the body part where this injury can occur are:

There are a couple different terms that doctors in San Diego and throughout the world use to describe the degree to which a disc is herniated:

Protruded Disc

A protruded disc is also known as a bulging disc. Protruded discs happen when a herniated disc goes outward into the nerves in the spinal cord. The spinal disc and ligaments remain intact, however.

Extruded Disc

Disc extrusions tend to be an issue with the disc outer bony layer (annulus fibrosis). The discs outer layer ruptures, allowing the inner jelly-like part of the disc (nucleus pulposus) to squeeze out. An extruded disc may or may not cause ligament damage.

Sequestered Disc

While disc protrusions and disc extrusions cause problems, the disc itself is never separated from itself. In a sequestered disc the inner nucleus pulposus is squeezed out completely, separating it from the main part of the spinal disc.

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