Imagine you're at your home in San Diego, sitting at your table, and you decided that you want a glass of water from the kitchen counter. You try to reach for it, yet your arms do not move. You attempt to get up and towards the counter to the glass of water, but that does not solve your problem either. In fact, you don't have the ability to control or move any muscle from your neck down.You are paralyzed.Considered to be one of the most important and fragile components to a human beings anatomy, the spinal cord functions as a hub for nerves in the body. Thanks to the nerves in your spinal cord, we are able to move our legs, arms, and torso just by relaying an electric signal from our brain to different parts of our body.

Two Kinds of Paralysis

You can live with only one kidney and even without your spleen, but not all body parts can be as easily replaced. Your spinal cord is one of those organs. There are several types of paralysis that you might experience after a severe spinal cord injury:
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia

Living With Paralysis

You will have many questions about what life will become when you are paralyzed. What does the cost of living entail when it comes to living with paralysis? Can you still do the things you love? Yes, in fact you can do any of the following:
  • Fitness
  • Arts and Creativity
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Political Advocating

What You Can Do If You Become Paralyzed In An Accident?

Our highly-qualified paralysis lawyers in San Diego recommend the right physicians to handle your spinal cord injury carefully. They also know your cost of living increases after a spinal cord injury, so they work to recover the maximum settlement possible for the following:

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