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It’s nothing less than a tragedy when personal injury affects a child – especially if the accident was preventable or caused by the negligence of another person. Families are deeply affected in cases of catastrophic injury to a child, and justice must be sought. You are not alone in the fight to bring justice to your child. We are here to fight with you. We are here to help.

Whether you are coping with the injury or loss of a child, our children’s injury lawyers can help you file a claim against the responsible party. Our lawyers are compassionate people who understand the difficulties of your circumstances and we want to help. We are committed to fighting hard on your child’s behalf so the negligent person or company is held responsible for the tragic situation at hand.

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Children's Wrongful Death Lawyers

If you have lost your son or daughter on account of someone else’s negligence, we are saddened for your family. Right now, you may have legal options to hold the responsible party accountable. We can help you file a wrongful death claim right away.

It goes without saying that a lawsuit or compensation can never replace what you’ve lost, but a lawsuit against the responsible party can bring justice to light – and potentially save future young lives.

We can help you if your child has been injured due to:

  • Automobile accidents. Car accidents are the number one cause of children’s injury and death, ages 5-19, in the United States according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH states that every hour, about 150 children are admitted to emergency rooms for injuries related to car accidents. Sadly, many of these injuries are later responsible for the child’s death.
  • Bicycle accidents. Children can be inherently susceptible to bicycle injury given their smaller stature and the uncertainty of careless drivers. Accidents can occur due to vehicle contact, or due to poor bicycle design or helmet failure.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Similar to bicycle accidents, a pedestrian accident can occur due to the negligence of a careless driver. Some pedestrian accidents occur with government-employed drivers—in these cases, we can help but we encourage you to act quickly. No matter how your child was injured, pedestrian accidents are tragic and can result in catastrophic injury or even death.
  • Dangerous products. Poisoning and severe burns are responsible for countless fatalities in children aged 0-19 according to the NIH. Many of these senseless deaths are a result of poor product design. Companies should design products with children in mind and they should have products tested; when any step is missed, tragedy can occur and the negligent party should be held accountable.


Car accident injuries are unfortunate no matter how old an individual may be. But, when children are injured in senseless accidents, the circumstances become even more heartbreaking.

If your child has been injured in an accident, you have legal options. Most importantly, we will seek justice on your child’s behalf to ensure the responsible party is held accountable.

When it comes to personal injury, the most commonly reported children’s injuries include:

  • Slip and fall injuries. Accidents can occur in a variety of ways, but many slip and fall injuries occur at amusement, neighborhood or water parks, stores, malls, and other public places. Sometimes, slip and fall injuries can occur in parking lots, on sidewalks, or other concreted areas that are not designed to code or inappropriately designed. Falls are designated by the NIH as the most common cause of nonfatal injuries to children.
  • Sports injuries. Fast-moving children colliding with each other are no match against the fragile composition of growing bodies. Children who make unwanted contact with other children or with sports equipment are often left with concussions, broken bones and internal injuries.
  • Dog bites. Dog bites are serious and can lead to lifelong complications for the child. According to the NIH, almost 50 percent of all children will experience a dog bite at some point in their lifetime.
  • Medical malpractice. Doctors are expected to do no harm. Sadly, when a child is harmed by the wrongdoing of a doctor, families suffer. Justice must be sought.


According to the NIH, car accidents are the leading cause of injury in children. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety further reports that car accidents are the leading cause of children’s fatalities – nearly 1 in 4 children tragically pass away due to unintentional injury caused by car accidents.

Children’s injuries can substantially range in severity and cause, but the most common injuries following an accident are:

  • Head injuries. The impact of a crash can cause a child’s head to snap forward and make contact with other parts of the car. Impact to the head can cause a host of additional injuries including brain trauma, concussions, lacerations, whiplash, and skull fractures.
  • Chest injuries. A seatbelt is a lifesaver and should always be used. However, the impact of a crash can cause a child’s body to propel forward into the straps, causing injury to fragile internal organs such as the lungs, ribs or heart.
  • Broken bones are frequently observed in children following an accident. Bruises, cuts and other bodily injury are also common.
  • Paralysis and traumatic brain injury. Damage to the neck or spinal cord can result in a child’s paralysis. Many times, paralysis is also accompanied by head trauma leading to traumatic brain injury.


If you are coping with the loss or injury of a child following an accident, we can help. Right now, the most important thing is your child’s recovery. For individuals without access to health insurance, this can be a stressful and near-impossible feat. When you work with our firm, we can help you find resources to establish care for your child. If your son or daughter needs medical help, we can assist you.

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