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Most of us drive a car—and, of course, some of us don’t. Walking is becoming more popular, especially in downtown San Diego and surrounding areas. Young people are walking to work more than ever—not to mention the walking that abounds San Diego’s Gaslamp, Little Italy or North Park areas. Walking is gaining more and more popularity and it’s no surprise given its affordability and accessibility.

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But there’s another side of walking that suddenly brings to light to its potential dangers. As negligent drivers become more rampant on San Diego roadways, it brings an increase to the possibility of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents have made headlines in recent years given the uptick in its popularity in many San Diego neighborhoods.

Sadly, pedestrian accidents can cause catastrophic injury ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injury and even wrongful death. When injury occurs, families are left searching for answers—and justice. If you or a loved one was hit by a vehicle, we can fight on your behalf to ensure the responsible party is held accountable for their negligence.

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Pedestrian accidents are tragic events that can leave an individual affected for life. It’s important to seek medical care as soon as possible to improve chances of a full recovery. If you need help with locating appropriate medical care, we may be able to help.

The most common injuries following a pedestrian accident include:

  • BROKEN BONES. The high impact of a vehicle against an inherently fragile body can often cause broken bones amongst other injuries. Broken legs, arms and ribs and often reported following a pedestrian accident.
  • INTERNAL INJURY. Internal injuries can range from bruising to lacerations, internal hemorrhaging, contusions and damage to major organs such as the lungs or heart.
  • TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. Given that the head is unprotected in the event of a pedestrian accident, brain injury is often imminent. Sadly, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most life-changing injuries because it can completely alter an individual’s way of life. If severe, a TBI can cause an individual to lose bodily and cognitive functions and resuming normalcy if often difficult.
  • SPINAL CORD INJURY. Spinal cord injury is a devastating injury that can also affect all facets of life. If severe, a spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis and loss of bodily functions.
  • WRONGFUL DEATH. Many severe injuries can lead to wrongful death. Sadly, families are deeply affected by the loss of an individual, especially since many pedestrian accidents are due to negligence.


It goes without saying that pedestrians need to be careful when walking around town. But even the most careful person can be hit by a negligent driver. The most common causes of San Diego pedestrian accidents/injury include:


When a driver fails to stop at a crosswalk, tragedy can happen. Pedestrians have little protection against a negligent driver when they follow the rules and use a crosswalk. If hit while using a crosswalk, the injured pedestrian will usually have a case against the negligent driver. Speak to our San Diego pedestrian accident attorney right away to preserve your legal rights by filing a claim against the responsible party.


When a pedestrian is accidentally hit, a negligent driver may simply drive away. These cases are all the more tragic given that, at times, the responsible party cannot be located. However, our industry-leading pedestrian accident lawyers are experts at investigation and research. We still may be able to help in cases of a hit and run accident.


If a negligent driver fails to stop, you may have a case. Some drivers are simply careless and unaware of their responsibilities as licensed drivers. Actual scenarios in failure to stop cases are varied; some can occur on designated pedestrian pathways, residential streets or in downtown areas. No matter where or how the accident occurred, our attorneys may be able to help.


Drunk drivers are inherently dangerous and irresponsible. Commonly, a drunk driving-related pedestrian accident may occur in the evening hours and in popular nightlife destination areas—but not always. If the driver was found guilty of drunk driving, you may have a case. If you suspect the driver was drinking, but are unsure whether the driver was held accountable for their actions, we may still be able to help. Speak to a personal injury lawyer at our firm to get all of your questions answered for free.


It is illegal to operate a phone while driving in California. Despite the law, negligent drivers still text and drive or use their cell phone while behind the wheel. Sometimes, it may be difficult to know whether a driver was distracted or not before the pedestrian accident occurred. Our legal experts can initiate an investigation into your case and possibly gain more details about your accident, including whether distractions such as texting or cell phone use were a factor in your case.

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