If you've been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your personal injury. 

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year for this very reason.  So how do you get money for your personal injury?  You file a personal injury claim (sometimes referred to as an insurance claim) to seek compensation for any injuries that were caused by carelessness or negligence of someone else. 

In a personal injury claim, the person responsible for the accident is the defendant, while the person bringing the personal injury lawsuit is considered the plaintiff.

If you’re asking yourself this question, then we recommend hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer right away so that you may correctly file a claim with your insurance company.

We File Claims for All Damages

In addition to your injuries, you may also recover losses for your physical and emotional damages.  A lot of people are unable to leave their homes due to these damages, and a good personal injury attorney will include that in their insurance claims.

Personal Injury Claim Frequently Asked Questions

What is a General Release document?

A general release document releases all claims against another party, usually an insurance company. This form can be a helpful tool when settling a personal injury claim for a minor settlement. Be sure to understand that, by signing this form, you release the other party from all personal injury claims, not just one specific claim. You should be extremely careful when signing a general release of all claims, and you should never sign one if you don’t intend to release all parties from the claim.

What is the Legal Time Limit to File a Claim?

The Statute of Limitations refers to a state law that sets the last possible day that you can file a formal lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries. If you fail to file a lawsuit by before the Statute of Limitations passes, then your right to sue or make any claim against the responsible party is gone forever. It does not matter how terrible your car accident was or how badly you were injured

How Long until my Claim Settles?

Many people often wonder how long it will take to settle their personal injury claim. There are no set time limits (other than the Statute of Limitations) because all injuries are different. As your personal injury lawyers, we will do our best to settle your insurance claim for the maximum amount of money.

How do Police Reports affect Insurance Claims?

Police reports have many different roles in car accident cases where personal injuries are involved. First, police reports provide information about the people involved in the car accident including names, phone numbers and addresses. The police also write down the insurance of all the parties involved, including the name of the insurance company as well as the policy number. They also include information provided by witnesses and their contact information.

The police report for your auto accident with also have an officer’s description the property damage to the vehicles involved. In our experience, the categories used to describe property damage — minor, moderate or major property damage — can be wrong or misleading. The police will also draw a diagram of where the car accident happened.

Why only One Settlement in Personal Injury?

Generally, you only get only one settlement at the very end of your personal injury claim.

If you are injured, you only have one chance for justice, but some people are so frightened by high medical costs — or the responsibility of taking care of themselves and their family if an injury forces them out of work — that they accept a low initial settlement offer from an insurance company. But what happens if you find out that you were injured more severely than you and your doctors initially thought? You will have to pay that out of your own pocket because the law allows for just one settlement in personal injury.

Will my Claim become a Lawsuit?

When most people think about hiring a personal injury attorney, they think they are going to have to sue someone and go to trial. In actuality, hiring a personal injury attorney does not necessarily mean you will be in a lawsuit. In fact, we usually reach a settlement without a lawsuit.

What if Someone Dies before Settling a Claim?

Generally, there are two possible outcomes to a personal injury claim. Either the injured person settles a claim with an insurance company while he or she is alive or the injured person dies before a claim is settled. When a person dies before settling a personal injury claim, there are two possible claims that may be brought against the responsible party: Wrongful Death & Claim Survival Action.

Who Pays my Personal Injury Settlement?

Our personal injury attorneys have found that many people who suffer an injury in an automobile accident are reluctant to make any type of insurance claim. Perhaps it’s because they don’t want to hurt the person that caused the accident, while others don’t want to be involved in a lawsuit. In actuality, an injury claim with an insurance company is very different from personally going after the responsible party or a lawsuit.

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