What is a General Release of All Claims?

What is a general release of all claims document?

A general release document releases all claims against another party, usually an insurance company.  This form can be a helpful tool when settling a personal injury claim for a minor settlement.

Be sure to understand that, by signing this form, you release the other party from all personal injury claims, not just one specific claim. 

You should be extremely careful when signing a general release of all claims, and you should never sign one if you don't intend to release all parties from the claim.

Many times after personal injury, people are under heavy medication for the pain.  While these medications often work very well to dull the pain, they can also numb the rest of your sense, making you less aware of the world around you.

Often, this is the time that insurance companies get you to sign important documents for your personal injury claim because you may not even be sure what you are signing.  You may have become so confused that you sign something you didn’t know would be detrimental to your claim.

How do you know whether or not you should sign something like a general release?

By contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer.  We can guide you through the process and keep you from doing something that can hurt your insurance claim.

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