Bicycle AccidentsSan Diego is an ideal city for bicycle commuting or even just a leisurely ride along our beautiful coastline and city parks. But because bicycles do not come equipped with extensive safety features like airbags or seat belts, there is an increased risk for injury if an accident occurs. Of course, even though our personal injury attorneys strongly urge bicycle riders to use safety equipment such as helmets and other protective gear, if an accident does happen, even these types of safety devices usually cannot protect riders from severe injury or even wrongful death.

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How do bicycle accidents commonly occur?

A bicycle accident is more common than you might think. A fatal bicycle accident occurs every six hours in the United States. Nearly 540,000 thousand individuals visit emergency rooms with bicycle-related injuries every year. And over 90 percent of bicycle-related wrongful deaths occur as the result of a collision with another vehicle.

Bicycle accidents occur for a variety of reasons, but most commonly because:

  • Bicycles are hard to see especially in the early morning or at night.
  • A driver fails to see a bicyclist at a stoplight or intersection, especially when making a right turn.
  • A distracted driver fails to see a bicyclist or accidentally merges into a bicycle lane, colliding with the bicyclist.
  • A driver runs a red light or does not make a complete stop at an intersection or light
  • A driver has lost control over the vehicle by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, colliding with the bicyclist.

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