A 10-year old girl passed away after being run over in Tierra Santa. The woman driving the vehicle has allegedly driven onto the sidewalk and ran down two different girls. One of those victims is brain dead and on life support.

The driver who caused the accident is currently facing charges of hit and run with injury and vehicular manslaughter.

Unfortunately, a driver who is not paying attention or who is speeding or otherwise breaking the law can put pedestrians at risk at any time. Accidents like this are easily prevented by avoiding distractions while you are on the road.

Pedestrians should also be aware that they should always stay within the confines of the sidewalk or designated crosswalks in order to minimize challenges. That being said, some of the drivers who ultimately go up on the sidewalk can expose vulnerable individuals like the elderly and children to serious injuries or even death.

Leaving the scene of the accident further complicates these situations, as you are responsible in California for staying at the scene of the accident with your vehicle in order to file a police report and to speak with anyone who has been injured. It can be a serious criminal matter to leave a scene like this.