Our firm’s motorcycle accident lawyers feel that it is there job to educate the public about the ways that they can stay safe, free of personal injuries, and avoid wrongful deaths on the road at all costs.  There are many ways that catastrophic injuries can occur, but usually it is due to reckless driving or motorists not paying attention to the road up ahead.

The attorneys at our firm want to represent you if you get into a motorcycle accident if it was not your fault, but we’d rather you practice safety measures to fully avoid an accident on your bike.

Here are some important safety tips that all motor vehicle drivers should be aware of regarding motorcycles to prevent a motorcycle accident or car accident.

1.    There are not as many motorcycles as cars, trucks and other motor vehicles, and much more difficult to see (as they are smaller).  Always be sure to scan street all roadways for motorcycles, especially in high traffic areas and intersections.

2.    Often, motorcycle turn signals are non-canceling (do not automatically turn off).  Be sure to pay attention to turn signals and the actions of the motorcyclist at all times to prevent a or car accident.

3.    The small size of motorcycles tends to create visual/optical illusions regarding speed and distance.  Motorcycles can look farther away than they actually are, so always predict that a motorcycle is closer than it appears to be by adjusting your speed, especially at night, to prevent a motorcycle accident or car accident.

4.    Motorcycles are also more easily hidden behind other motor vehicle and objects, as well as blind spots.  While motorcyclists should be more cautious about staying out of other motor vehicle drivers’ blind spots, always be sure to constantly check all blind spots and scan the road for hidden motorcycles otherwise a motorcycle accident or auto accident could occur at anytime..

5.    The small size of motorcycles also makes them appear to be moving at higher speeds than they actually are.  Be careful not to assume that all motorcycles are moving fast, especially at night.  As car accident attorneys, we see this situation all the time as the cause of a terrible motorcycle accidents or car accidents.

6.    Although the stopping distance for motorcycles is roughly the same as that of small cars, it is sometimes more difficult to stop motorcycles in less than perfect roadway conditions (remember, motorcycles usually only have 2 wheels).  A safe driver should be aware of this problem, and be sure to keep your motor vehicle a farther distance when  traveling behind a motorcycle.

7.    Because many motorcycles lack brake lights.  So, it is often hard to judge when a motorcycle is slowing or coming to a stop.  Therefore, it is important to allow more distance between a motor vehicle and motorcycle, and to allow a longer motor vehicle reaction time when driving behind a motorcycle to prevent a motorcycle accident or traffic accident.

8.    As car accident attorneys, we believe motorcycles tend to have better maneuverability than cars and trucks.  So, it is important not to always assume that motorcyclists will be better able to dodge (get out of the way) of a potentially bad situation that could easily lead to a motorcycle accident or car accident.

9.    Always be aware of motorcycles operating within the driving lane of your motor vehicle.  Motorcyclists may change positions within a driving lane for better visibility, for better wind resistance, or a number of other reasons.  It is important to not only be aware of these additional obstacles that motorcyclists face, but to react to these differences in a safe manner.

10.    The most important thing for motor vehicle drivers to know when motorcycles are present is to not think of them as motorcycles, but as an unprotected person or moving pedestrian.  Motorcyclists lack many of the important safety features that car and trucks provide their occupants, so it is very important to consider this when traveling around motorcycles.   Car accident attorneys know that many people do not think about how they might be held liable and do not think about how much insurance the other motor vehicle driver has, let alone their personal assets, when driving near a motorcycle.

11.    Try not to be distracted by looking at what a motorcycle operator looks like (whether it is the driver or the motorcycle, which can be quite interesting), as something as ridiculous as this could easily lead to a car accident or motorcycle accident.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys urge you to get the best auto insurance policy that you can afford, even if you have a bike instead of a car.

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