Fatal 15: The 15 Most Dangerous Intersections in San Diego

Anybody, at any moment, on any road, and for various reasons, can be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, in San Diego, certain junctions are recognized to be more deadly than others. 

Knowing where the most dangerous intersections in San Diego are might help you avoid them entirely or, at the very minimum, be more cautious when passing through them. 

What are the remedies that are required in these areas? Stripes, better visibility, stronger crossing noises, greater visibility crosswalks, and audible countdown indicators are some of the safety features that are needed. 

These crossings were chosen because they have had the most recurrent crashes and do not have all of the necessary improvements to make them safe. 

The Intersections in Question

Due to the high number of traffic accidents in these most dangerous intersections in San Diego, Circulate San Diego designated 15 of the most hazardous crossings in early 2018. The mission of Circulate San Diego, a group of pedestrian and driver safety activists, is to make multiple safety enhancements at all of these problematic crossings. 

While not every intersection in San Diego is dangerous, here are the 15 drivers and pedestrians should be aware of: 

  1. University Ave. & 52nd St., City Heights
  2. 6th Ave. & Broadway, Downtown
  3. El Cajon Blvd. & 36th St., North Park
  4. 4th Ave. & B St., Downtown
  5. Coronado Ave. & Thermal Ave., Nestor/Egger Highlands
  6. 5th Ave. & B St., Downtown
  7. Euclid Ave. & Naranja St., Encanto
  8. Broadway & 5th Ave., Downtown
  9. 10th Ave. & A St., Downtown
  10. 4th Ave. & Market St., Downtown
  11. Front St. & Ash St., Downtown
  12. University Ave. & 4th Ave., Hillcrest
  13. 11th Ave. & Broadway, Downtown
  14. Market St. & 6th Ave., Downtown
  15. El Cajon Blvd. & 33rd St., Normal Heights

Many of these intersections have had safety improvements in the last four years and are much safer than they used to be.

Several major roads feature prominently on the list most dangerous intersections in San Diego list, including:

Freeway 67

This freeway is one of the most dangerous roadways in the city of San Diego. The route is 25 miles long and has several twists and turns. Over 50 people have died on the road resulting in some of the worst accidents in the last 20 years.

El Cajon Boulevard

El Cajon Boulevard’s dim lighting appears to encourage cars to race. People mistake it for a freeway since there are three lanes in each direction with several lights and pedestrians using the Boulevard to get around.

Interstate 5

Known by locals as “The 5,” this highway that connects San Diego and Los Angeles has up to six lanes in each direction. Traffic congestion can occur at any time of day, resulting in pile-ups and car crashes. 

On this route, accidents happen numerous times a day. Accident victims often have to wait a long time for emergency assistance, not only because of the traffic but also because of the large number of accidents that can occur at any given moment. 

University and Marlborough Avenue

There have been far too many pedestrian fatalities at this crossing. Automobiles frequently clash with one another while trying to avoid pedestrians. In any case, this is one of the most dangerous intersections in San Diego. Legislation is regularly proposed to make these crossroads safer.

Interstate 15

The “inland corridor” of San Diego is infamous for drunk driving tragedies and the gridlock that happens as San Diegans travel from downtown to residential neighborhoods. Traffic is exacerbated by frequent accidents caused by exhausted drivers returning home from work.

Market Street and 6th Avenue

Pedestrians and motorists alike struggle to see the crossing markings at this intersection. The lights are also quick, preventing people from crossing the street in time. Many pedestrians are stopped in the center of the junction when the light switches to green and cars begin to drive.

How Dangerous are Intersections in San Diego?

From 2001 to 2015, 8,000 pedestrians were wounded, and 270 were killed in the most dangerous intersections in San Diego, according to auditors, with the death toll growing dramatically in recent years.

Rather than simply where two streets intersect, the strategy of boosting pedestrian safety might expand in the future to include larger sections of highways in the area. 

Some installations were finished in 2017 since the locations were due for a variety of improvements. According to a city document, pedestrian countdown devices have already been installed at 11 of the crossings, and five have high-visibility crosswalks.

Upgrades to the Intersections 

The upgrades are part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative, which aims to eliminate all fatal traffic fatalities by 2025. Infrastructure improvements and traffic safety awareness are part of the proposal as well. 

In February 2019, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Circulate San Diego Executive Director Colin Parent conducted a press conference at the final junction to be repaired, 33rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard. He talked about the enhancements that had been made, such as louder crosswalk signals. 

The crossroads of 10th Avenue and A Street, Fourth Avenue and B Street, and Fifth Avenue and B Street were also improved. Euclid Avenue, University Avenue, and Market Street intersections were also set to be upgraded with better safety features. 

During his “State of the City” address in January 2019, Faulconer announced plans to improve more than 300 more accident-prone crossings. As per Faulconer’s office, Caltrans has given the city $2.45 million for the upgrades, which were set to begin in 2020. 

Modifications to the first 50 junctions were scheduled to be finished by the end of 2020; however, due to the pandemic, this has been postponed.

Injuries at Intersections 

In an ideal world, everyone would drive safely, and no one would get hurt from car accidents. Have you or someone you love been harmed in any way in an automobile accident at the most dangerous intersections in San Diego or on any other street or freeway in the city? 

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